The Flash S6E2 Review – Crisis is Inevitable

The Flash S6E2 Review A Flash of Lightning

If there's one thing to take away from the The Flash S6E2 A Flash of Lightning, it's that the coming Crisis is inevitable. Instead of trying to drag out the beginning half of this season with Barry and Iris trying to figure out a way to avoid his upcoming sacrifice, in two episodes we've come to a place of acceptance. Thanks to a great Black Fatherhood Moment from Joe, Barry seems to accept that in order to save billions on multiple worlds, he will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. Now, we don't believe he actually will but it feels good to not waste time. Barry is a hero and his costume is a uniform. This is the job and the duty and Barry is going to run towards the danger, not away from it.

The Flash S6E2 Review A Flash of Lightning: Barry holds Jay's modified helmet from Joan who looks like his mother

The Flash -- "A Flash of the Lightning" -- Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick and Michelle Harrison as Joan Williams -- Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved


Other things that stand out in this The Flash S6E2:

  • Cecile leaving the District Attorney's office to become a defense attorney and advocate for Metahumans is an excellent idea. It gives a lot more room for her character to grow and also will also put her more in the think of things. Not to mention, while Joe wasn't right (come on Joe, you can't say that to your wife who reads minds) he was right in that the advocacy that Cecile wants to do isn't best served as a prosecutor but as a defender
  • Ralph continues to impress. After the stumbles of Season 4, Ralph has become such a great character. He's helped his team both with getting through rough emotional times and as a detective and superhero. He's gone from being a liability and annoyance to one of the most dependable (and likable) characters on the show.
  • While Iris and Barry have reached the "acceptance" stage of grief, it's also important and makes sense that Iris is still struggling with this. Iris has gone through so much. She's lost her fiancé in season one (Sorry Eddie), she's just watched her daughter be erased from the timeline and she's watched Barry continue to sacrifice himself. This time is different though. Barry isn't just "disappearing" or making a last minute sacrifice. They know that Barry is slated to die and right now, it's the only choice. It makes sense that she's struggling with this even if she's accepted that it is something he must do.
  • We'll find out more next week but it seems that they'll be doing something interesting with Dr. Rosso/Bloodwork. There's very little to go on with source material so there's definitely room to improve and adjust.
  • Chester (Chunk) is still around!

Listen to our full review as we chat about The Flash S6E1 A Flash of Lightning.

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