The Flash S6E19 Review: Mirror Master Wins


The pandemic has cut this season of The Flash short which is a shame because this was a really good season. And all things considered, this finale made the best of the situation and put together a pretty solid finale that ends with the villain winning and some really interesting prospects for the next season. 

  • Eva as Mirror Master is going to give Barry and Team Flash all  kinds of problems. Add in her own team of dangerous female villains and we don't see an easy way out of this one for the team
  • Gotta love how they let Danielle Panabaker be a part of this entire season through her pregnancy. Other shows have written off their female characters when an actress gets pregnant but Danielle not only directed an episode  but also had her character appear in more episodes than Carlos Valdes or Jesse L Martin
  • We end the season with Barry still not having his powers at 100%. We have clues as to how he gets them back but this puts us in a really interesting position to start season 7
  • There's still a lot of open threads that will be fun to explore:
    • Barry's Powers
    • What Eva really wants
    • How do Iris, Kamilla and Singh escape the mirrorverse and what happened to Iris at the end?
    • What is Bloodwork's long game? Kudos to the show  for making us give a shit about Bloodwork
    • What's going on with Godspeed?
    • When is Thawne going to return to fuck up Barry's life even more?

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