The Flash S6E10 Post Crisis World


The Flash is back and there's two words we have for this new Post Crisis World: Female Rogues. 


Bring them on. Took us a minute to realize where they were going but as soon as we saw the name 'Eva McCulloch' we knew "Mirror Master". We're really about to get the rogues finally on The Flash and they're gonna be all women:

  • Weather Witch
  • Mirror Master
  • Golden Glider
  • Top
  • Black Smith

and throw in Doctor Light and we got a pretty good Rogues squad. And we're here for it. But not only that. The Flash has really been pulling from the latest Rebirth run from the comics. First there was Godspeed. Then Bloodwork. And now the secret organization that's been operating in the shadows is revealed as Blackhole. Add in a throwaway mention of Gorilla City and now we have to remind everyone that the true leader of Blackhole in the comics was none other than Joe West's favorite murderous gorilla: Gorilla Grodd. Cause us intrigued as to where the show goes with this. 

There's a lot to love this episode with the first Flash episode since Crisis. We've essentially been given a redo where now everything is back on the table and we can't wait to see what they have for us coming up.

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