The Flash S5E10 Review – The Flash and the Furious


The Flash is back from winter break so that means Kriss & Dpalm are back for Super Tuesday Recap! While there are elements of this episode we like, we think it was kind of a slow stumble out the gate from break for the show. Particularly since the last 2 episodes were episode 100 and part of the Elseworlds crossover. Seems like an odd choice to come back from break and shelve Barry for most of the episode. We get what they were trying to do but that also leads to the second problem: While we love the Eobard Thawne reveal at the end of episode 100, it kinda leaves us not caring about Cicada anymore. Particularly when this episode focuses on Nora learning the wrong lesson and agreeing to give Thawne in the future a chance. It makes us think that Thawne is the main villain we should care about and while Cicada has been good, it really undermines him.

But all that said, we're willing to wait it out and see how things turn out. Particularly since there are still some good elements sprinkled throughout this episode. We get the hint that we could be getting some Young Rogues at some point in the future and Cisco turns into Hank McCoy (This "meta cure" is a bad idea).

The Flash S5E10 Review The Flash and the Furious - Super Tuesday Recap

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