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I wanted to be mad at the CW and The Flash. I really did. See, while I love this show I was pretty disappointed in what seemed like another unnecessary two week break. The only real downside to all the great comic book shows we’ve been getting is all the breaks the shows seem to go on. I really feel like these break up the momentum of the show. I think the network are starting to notice.  ABC & Marvel put Agent Carter in to fill the midseason break of Agents of Shield and it looks like CW is looking to do the same with their new Arrow/Flash spinoff show. Still, there are some breaks that just don’t make sense. like these last 2 weeks with no Arrow or Flash.  Like I said, I was prepared to be mad. The they drop an episode of The Flash that would have been an awesome season finale…..with 8 more episodes still left in the season. This show is truly amazing.

Out of TimeLet’s start with the “weakest” (according to others) part of this episode and talk about the Iris/Barry romance. Look, I get it. People are always going to complain about awkward romance in their super hero shows. But I really think people are missing something here. Everyone knows the Iris/Barry relationship is inevitable and this show isn’t going to drag it out. On other shows we wouldn’t see Iris or Barry admitting their feelings for each other until maybe Season 2 or later. Like everything else on this show, this is moving lightning fast. Yes, it’s awkward and yes Iris seems a bit confused about what she wants. I know people have complained about this but let’s be honest here, how many of us have have acted the same? What stood out to me this episode though was the fact that both Eddie and Linda called her out on her changing behavior around Barry. I like this acknowledgement that the only people who don’t see the truth here are Barry and Iris. While I'm all for Eddie getting jealous and losing out on Iris (she can do better), I do kinda feel for Linda. I like seeing Linda and Barry together even though I know Iris is the end game (I mean, technically they could still do both).  Eddie's always been someone I never really trusted. He has the last name Thawne so, I never wanted to see Iris with him. So Barry snatching Iris from Eddie has been something I've always looked forward to. But Linda hasn't done anything wrong so it's kind of a bummer to see her get pushed to the side. I also appreciate that they’re having Iris start to dig into Wells and what he’s doing at STAR Labs. With the end of this episode opening up a new timeline, Iris can still be the one to figure out that Wells is up to something. This investigative side gives Iris more purpose on the show beyond being Barry’s future love interest.

the-flash-out-of-time-cisco-wellsSpeaking of Iris looking into Wells, anosther great piece of this episode is Cisco starting to question Wells more an dmore. Cisco is probably my favorite character on this show. First there’s his humor. His line about calling Martin ‘Weather Wizard’ (“Been waiting since week one to use that”) just represents his whole character. But what really makes me like Cisco is this relationship he’s developed with Dr. Wells. The scene with Cisco and Wells watching old movies and bonding was great because it makes the betrayal later on so much better. Seeing Cisco in tears as Wells admits to being Eobard Thawne, killing Barry’s mother (as an accident as he was trying to kill Barry) and being the person responsible for everything was heartbreaking. I also loved how they explained how Wells/Thawne were in the same room as The Reverse Flash. The hologram/recording which answered the biggest question for me. I get the “speed mirage” explaining Reverse Flash attacking Wells but it didn’t explain Reverse Flash standing there talking to Wells in his chair.  Now it makes sense. Of course now I want to go back and rewatch that episode.

Fifteen episodes into season 1 and we get time travel. It’s going to be really interesting seeing what they do with next week’s episode. With Barry running so fast he goes back in time a few days, all the events of this episode don’t happen. The last 10 - 15 minutes of this episode are just so damn good. We get Wells/Thawne confronting & “killing” Cisco. We get Iris and Barry finally admitting their feelings for each other and sharing a kiss and then Barry having to reveal that he’s the Flash to go save Joe. Then Barry trying to run fast enough to create a vortex in order to stop a tsunami that’s about to destroy the city and running so fast…he goes back in time a few days.

the-flash-out-of-time-eddie-joe-captain-singhOh and one more thing, I love how this show throws in things like interracial families, love and gay marriage in so casually. We finally meet Captain Singh’s fiancé and a lot of folks on my timeline were shocked it was another man. But if you think back, they’ve told us Singh was gay before. There was an episode where he was complaining about how his boyfriend wouldn’t allow him to eat certain things (I think it was a hamburger). They just slipped that in there real quick as if it’s not a big deal. And truth is, it shouldn’t be. I also loved how just in case you weren’t sure, when the nurse said only family could see Singh, Det. West stepped in and said “this is his fiancé”. I love seeing that kind of diversity and it supports my claim that the science fiction/comic book genre is usually a lot more diverse than anything else.

Black Fatherhood moment of the Week:  There are two of them. First was when Barry was talking to Joe about Iris and Joe started laughing and just told Barry to let her make the first move. I think Joe is getting a lot of amusement out of seeing Iris and Barry awkwardly come to terms with their feelings for each other. The last moment was when Joe was being held by Mardon and he was begging for Iris & Barry’s life. So good.

This episode was just a great hour of television. If there was anything that was lacking I’d say that the “main story” with Mark Mardon. I liked his increased powers from that of his brother but it’s clear that he wasn’t the main focus of this episode, just a means to get us to Barry running back in time. And I’m fine with that since we got so much other important pieces here. With Wells admitting his a Thane and then seeing the Eddie-Iris-Barry love triangle complicate, we’re getting a lot of things coming together.  Craziest part?  There’s still 8 more episodes left in the FIRST season. Truly incredible.

Almost forgot...this episode had two of my favorite bars:

First when Iris tries to tell Barry that Linda isn't right for him and Barry looks at her and says with a straight face "Then who is?"

Second, when Wells tells Cisco “Forgive me but to me you’ve been dead for centuries” then kills him. This right after telling Cisco he's grown fond of him. Damn.



Charles (Kriss)


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    TheBoostress 19 March, 2015 at 02:43 Reply

    This ep blew my mind. I started it Tues then life happened (and Empire finale lol) and wow.

    So…I’ll say it: Iris loves Barry enough to help him with his sexuality and vice versa. Any further in with Linda, without the foundation Varry and Iris have, would probably be like, what is this nanosecond man mess! She’s the lucky one. She’s out before getting too invested.

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    ShinobiAFC 21 March, 2015 at 16:00 Reply

    This episode gave me the sort of feelings I’ve had watching the second season of Agents of Shield, and the Justice League cartoon from those amazing Starcrossed episodes right through to the end of the Cadmus arc. The last 20 minutes was absolutely jaw dropping…it was hard to take everything in. It’s crazy how good this show has been in its first year.

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