The Expanse Season Finale – Changing the Balance of Power


Well that's how you end a season. Episode 10 of Season 5 of The Expanse really brings everything together. 

Since we're dropping this spoiler review on the same day as the episode release, we won't say much in the writeup because we don't want to spoil it for anyone. But overall this season did a great job for setting up for the final season. It was risky to have the crew of the Roci separated for pretty much the entire season but it really did pay off. To be honest, this might be the first time at the end of the season that the whole vision for where this is all headed really is starting to become clear. 

A few non-spoiler things to point out:

  • Seriously the Roci is one tough ship with one tough and fearless crew (and it wasn't even the main crew this season). At this point if you're another ship and you find yourself in a firefight with the Roci, just give up
  • We nominate Drummer for Queen of the Belt
  • This episode reveals the motivation of the rogue Martians helping Marco and while it might seem strange to some it not only makes perfect sense to us but it also ties well into the theme of this season
  • Amos is still great. We get the most emotion we've ever seen from Amos in this episode and it's over [redacted]. It's actually quite hilarious
  • This season was really a growth season for a lot of characters and sometimes those seasons aren't always received well. But this season tied the growth of characters together so well with what we think is going to be the overall ending of the season that it's hard to find fault. Not to mention this season has had such big moments to go with that character growth. 


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