The Expanse Season 4 Review – Damn it Holden…


UN Secretary Chrisjen Avasarala told James Holden that the situation on Ilus was "already fucked enough" and to not put his dick in it. Too bad that's exactly what Holden did. Episodes 4  - 6 of The Expanse Season 4 quickly escalate just how much things can go to shit. There's a lot of moving parts and pieces of the story going on at the same time (Just like every season of The Expanse) but we're starting to see how everything is coming together.

  • We learn that Lucia is responsible (well partially) for the pad blowing up that gave Murtry the cause he needed to be a murderous psycho
  • Because Holden decided to listen to the voice in his head and start touching things, Ilus now faces catastrophic changes that force the Belters and RNC to take shelter in one of the old structures. Oh and physics has decided to stop working and all of the ships in space above the planet can no longer start their fusion drives because fusion reactions no longer happen. FUN TIMES
  • Avasarala is going to have her hands full with Nancy Gao
  • Ashford and Drummer are trying to maintain the delicate balance of peace and give the Belters a true stake in the galaxy. But that's easier said than done. The Belters have been wronged and someone like Marco Inaros is just the kind of person to never let them forget that and tip the sales back to war
  • Poor Bobbie. She's learning that times have changed and she's now working full time as a criminal. But this is probably also the thread we need to show that connection between Marco and potentially whatever Nancy is up to (we don't trust her).

Listen as we break down these three episodes and stay tuned. We'll be back to cover the last 4 episodes of this season soon.

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