The Expanse S5 Episodes E4 – 6 – That Escalated Quickly


One of the things that we love about The Expanse is that not matter the season or episode, it always feels so relevant. This show does a great job of connecting on a human and societal level while telling a SciFi story in space. Marco is absolutely a terrorists and clearly not a good guy. But he's written in a way to really connect with the audience, especially those from marginalized communities that know how it feels to be used and abused by those that are privileged. His words and actions have a tone of "enough is enough" and the desire to meet oppression and wrongdoings with strength. 

The last three episodes of this season have really escalated "the shit". From Fred Johnson's death to the expanding plot by traitorous Martians to supply Marco, there's a lot going on. So much in fact that Ro & Kriss talk about A LOT before even getting to their favorite subject of The Expanse: How awesome (and terrifying) Amos is. We love Amos. Mainly because he scares us and  it's  better to have Amos as a friend than an enemy. Even then, it was really great to see Amos come to the conclusion that he needs to get back to the Roci crew because without them, he's slipping into the old "Amos" and that's not good for anyone. 

Some things we discuss:

  • Marco talking a good game but also making some mistakes that are probably going to come back and bite the Belt in the ass
  • Naomi needs to get her shit together and stop crying because Filip is a whole ass war criminal with mommy & daddy issues
  • The killing of Fred Johnson might have been overreach by Marco. Fred might not have been a Belter but he had a lot of support by the Belt.  Marco is making the assumption that everyone in the Belt will rally to him but that might not be the case. Even on Drummer's ship, we're seeing that there are some in the Belt who aren't exactly fans of Marco.
  • Avasarala is BACK IN. Of course that's because just about the entire line of succession include the UN Secretary are presumed dead and Avasarala hasn't been able to contact her husband but....everything has a sacrafice?
  • Marco using the fact that he has the protomolecule as his last line of defense because Earth was able to active their defenses and stopped the remaining stealth asteroids. Come for the King and you better not miss. Marco didn't wipe out Earth so we expect the retaliation to be brutal

And there's plenty more. Premium members can listen to use discuss it all below. We'll be back after the next 3 episodes so stay tuned. 


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