The Darkest Minds is the X-Men Rip Off No One Wanted

Movies based off of young adult novels are rarely original but this story and movie might be the most unoriginal ripoff ever made.
5 fell for the trailer? Well, I tried to tell you not to.

Fox pushed all of it's X-Men movies outside of Deadpool out of 2018. New Mutants has been delayed twice (it's never coming out), X-Men Dark Phoenix is pushed to 2019. So seeing the trailer for The Darkest Minds which feels just like the X-Men might have gotten some folks curious. I get it...we're starved for a good X-Men film and the trailer for this movie featured a diverse set of kids with powers fighting back against a world that is trying to harm them. It screams X-Men.

Don't Fall for it.

It not only rips from X-Men comics but other X-Men related live action properties that Fox is currently put out. If you want to see a mashup of Logan, Wolverine Origins and The Gifted but done poorly then please waste money on this film




Charles (Kriss)

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