The Boys S2E4 & S2E5: Crispy Breast Meat


So obviously Homelander is a breast man…

Season 2 of The Boys continues to be great. These two episodes (Nothing Like it in the World and We Gotta Go Now) are a bit slower (compared to what usually happens on The Boys) but also do a lot of set up. Like the first season, the show is taking some much welcomed deviations from the comics. Sometimes comic adaptations (okay, who am I kidding…a lot of times) stray so far from the source it’s almost unrecognizable. But The Boys has taken a good, yet very problematic comic and made it way less problematic and actually pretty smart at times. It’s done that by really expanding on the characters and these two episodes really show that. Here are some of the things we liked with these episodes:

  • Billy is a broken man that is so blinded by his hurt and rage he doesn’t see who he’s hurting. He’s not supposed to be a hero and this show has done a great job of showing that while also building up the rest of the team (Hughie and Mother’s Milk).
  • Giancarlo Esposito is always great and commands the screen. That’s probably why he scares us more than Homelander. Which is a tall order.
  • We’re really interested in seeing where they go with Black Noir. It good be interesting if they stick to his identity in the comics (And there’s a lot of evidence so far that they are). It also makes Mr. Edgar even scarier because he’s clearly got Black Noir at his command.
  • They’ve obviously strayed from the comics with Stormfront even more than just the gender swap. There’s a lot of questions about what she’s up to. Is she making all of these moves on her own or is this another power play by Mr. Edgar to keep Homelander in check?
  • The whole underlying “Dawn of the Seven” riff has been great. 
  • A-Train is another character that’s done pretty well with this translation on TV. We’re hoping they keep going with tying his blackness to his character, his motivations and insecurities and how he's treated
  • All of the female characters continue to get much better treatment on the show than they did in the comic and that's even with the horrible things that they have to deal with.

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