The Boys Episode 1 – 3 Spoiler Review: The Milk’s Gone Bad


The Boys are back! Amazon dropped the first three episodes of season 2 of The Boys on Friday. And you know what? This show didn't lose a step. What's really incredible about The Boys is how much it improves on the source material. Yes, the show still has some shocking moments (That poor whale) but it manages to sidestep the problematic parts of the comic. The key to that is how it gives more agency to the female characters and turns them into fully developed characters. Not only that but the gender swaps for The Deep and Stormfront have been perfect. Even if you have no history with the comic, the name "Stormfront" should tell you all you need to know about this new member of The Seven and why she can't be trusted. And the way she barrels through the apartment in episode 3 and who she kills along the way should give you the final hints as to just how terrible she is. 

Another thing that these first three episode do is focus on making fun of the making of super hero films, particularly DC films They dropped all pretense with naming the movie they're making "Dawn of the Seven". This feels like a direct shot at Snyder's Justice League promotion "Unite the Seven" as well as the name of BvS (Dawn of Justice). Gotta love how they aren't pulling punches. 

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