Teen Titans Part 2: Technis Imperative, Young Justice & Graduation Day


Last Character Corner of 2016! We wrap up our Teen Titans coverage with a discussion with watching the Titans mature as well as the next generation (Young Justice) becoming the new Teen Titans. Part 2 focuses on the relationships amongst the group, Cyborg's development and a lot of tragedies & deaths. Oh and throw in a continuation of Deathstroke's tragic relationship with the Teen Titans.

It's been a great year for not only the MTR Network but the Character Corner. We can't wait to come back in 2017 for more. Hope you enjoy!


  • JLA/Titans Technis Imperative
  • The Titans 1 - 20 (Devin Grayson)
  • Young Justice
    • Our Worlds at War
    • Sins of the Youth
  • Titans/Young Justice Graduation Day
  • Teen Titans Vol 3
    • Issue 1 - 12
    • Issue 16 - 23
    • Issue 42 - 54
    • Issue 88 - 100

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