T’Challa…First of his Name, Breaker of Records



It’s the end of February and not only does that mean that we made it to see Black Panther in theaters but we’re also around to watch it smash all the box-office records. Truly amazing. This Mailbag was a fun one because while we obviously do have some Black Panther talk in it, we actually got some pretty diverse emails and discussions going. Loads of fun and you’re not going to want to miss it.


  • Emails
    • New Segment: The Pull-List
    • If we could develop powers what would we want?
    • Kriss & Dpalm need to watch Legion
    • Our feelings on the Injustice Comics
    • Favorite alternative versions of characters?
      • Age of Apocalypse
      • Planetary
      • The Boys (shhh…don’t tell anyone)
    • Kriss is adamant that he’s seen at least 1 full season of Young Justice
    • We sing praises to Dan Slott
    • Potential Black Panther 2 plot points
  • Quick Hits
    • Black Panther continues to break records
    • Joss Whedon is off of Batgirl
    • Marvel’s Refresh – do they need better PR or should they just keep their head down and keep doing what they’re doing?

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