Supergirl, Season 2 Episode 9: Supergirl Lives


Oh my word. The first 8 episodes of Season 2 were fantastic. I was so excited when I found out Kevin Smith would be directing this episode. Unfortunately, the episode left a lot to be desired coming off a strong opening to the season. Kevin Smith is a fantastic director, but even his enthusiasm could not make up for the weakness of the story and the writing. It fell very flat, with one character regressing to season 1 behavior for no real reason, and another character acting completely out of line with the personality we’ve come to know. Kevin is a pretty strong writer, and while I know he is excited to direct, I would love to see him advocate for a writing spot as well for the episodes he’s directing. I don’t like to see his talent wasted. Let’s jump into what actually worked.

What Worked:

  • I appreciated them bringing back the Dominators to tie in the crossover. What is even more interesting is the deference with which it spoke to Mon El. Mon El dropped many hints that give me the impression that he is the Daxamite prince he told Kara about who was spared by his people. The fact that he knew if he stood in the line of fire between the Maaldorian and Kara he would not be harmed, the fact that he spoke of not being a fan of everything the royal family though (like he had a say), and the anxiousness with which these shadow figures are searching for him make me believe that he’s the royalty we have heard so much about. It will be interesting to see if it is indeed his true secret and if so, how the revelation will impact his relationship and friendship with Kara and the crew.
  • The morning after glow between Maggie and Alex was fantastic. It’s just wonderful to see this couple represented this way. It made what happened later in the episode even more egregious.
  • I love the shout out to Riz Ahmed when Kara asks Alex if she wants to finish The Night Of. (The answer to this question should always be yes because, hello, it's Riz Ahmed!)

What Did Not Work:

Everything else. I do mean everything else. Buckle in because this rant will be long.

  • I love Les Miserables. It is one of my favorite musicals (I’m not talking about that trash film. I’m talking live performances with trained actors and singers.) That said, we did not need an Enjolras moment. I knew, I KNEW as soon as Kara did her pep talk, we were going to have The CW’s rendition of Do You Hear The People Sing. You know the rest of the verse-singing the song of angry men. It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again! If you don’t know it, check it out here:
  • James…why are they doing this to you? James is acting completely out of character from the person we were introduced. For him to ask Winn to intercept an armed robber when he hasn’t been training Winn at all is reckless and irresponsible. Then to subsequently, without checking on Winn’s well-being, suggest they do it again, is coldhearted. That is not who James is. I hate that they are writing him this way. James wants to do good, but that’s never been at the expense of others and this writing choice was poor and screams of individuals who aren’t familiar with the character. Mehcad Brooks deserves a solid storyline, but this Guardian business is not it. At all.
  • Why did we regress Alex back to season 1 Alex? If Alex were, say, 19 or 20, I’d get this reaction. Alex is a grown ass woman. She’s shown growth and maturity. Whose idea was it to do this? To have her break up with Maggie-because her sister is missing and that means the universe doesn’t want her to be happy? Are you serious? Are we sure this wasn’t a season 1 storyline they just shoe horned in here?
  • A yellow sun grenade? That’s what we are doing?

I know from social media that Kevin enjoyed what he did, but I am angry on his behalf. He deserved better material to work with. Mehcad deserves not to have James’ character assassinated in degrees. Chyler deserves to be written like the grown ass woman she is. This was not well done at all. It was the first time since season 2 started that I was deeply disappointed in the show. Fortunately, LiveWire is back next week and it looks to be an exciting episode. They’ve delivered a strong season so far, so this might just be their one misstep. When you have Kevin Smith in the director’s chair, bring your writing game executive producers, please and thank you.




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