Supergirl Season 2 Episode 7: The Darkest Place


The Guardian goes from celebrated new hero to wanted vigilante when another masked figure inadvertently frames him for murder and assault.  Kara and Mon-El are held hostage by Cadmus in order to secure Kara’s blood for an unknown purpose.  Alex confronts Maggie about her feelings and her disappointment.  J’onn is suffering from uncontrollable shakes and hallucinations after M’gann’s transfusion, which leads to the reveal of her real nature. 

supergirl-the-darkest-place-martiansWe are back on track!  While I enjoyed the episode last week, it felt a bit disjointed and wild.  This week was wild in a good way.  We got wonderful performances from every cast member, which is rare for this show.  The story was well paced, and we didn’t spend a whole season wondering if Lillian Luthor and Kara would ever cross paths.  We also got an answer to the Jeremiah question, which of course only led to more questions.  The reveal that part of the genocide effort of the Green Martians was to turn them into White Martians makes me wonder what is in store for our lovable J’onn, who is rapidly decompensating under the effects of M’gann’s blood.

What Worked:

  • supergirl-the-darkest-place-cyborg-hankCyborg Superman! David Harewood as both gentle, virtuous J’onn J’onnzz and xenophobic hateful Hank Henshaw was a delight to behold.    While I’m not a fan of a man hitting a woman, when Kara punched him and he turned, her reaction and the ensuing scene worked perfectly.  Melissa did a great job emoting that she recognized exactly where she fucked up.
  • Jeremiah-what is happening to Jeremiah?  He’s been with Cadmus for 15 years.  We see what happened to Hank in that time.  Is it possible that the reason that Jeremiah didn’t leave is because he’s enhanced?  Has his presence there been the only thing keeping Cadmus away from Kara but her relationship with Lena pushed Lillian over the edge?  I NEED ANSWERS!  I loved that he had been doing…well…whatever he’s been doing with Cadmus, but that messing with his girls was a step too far.  The reunion was so bittersweet, and Dean Cain always does a great job on screen.
  • The Alex and Maggie resolution was well handled.  I appreciated Alex being raw with her feelings.  For some that may have come across as petty and childish, but I liked that it was real.  She has a right to be upset and disappointed, and I am glad they allowed Alex to show the full range of her emotions as it related to something major and life changing.  It was important to explore how the rejection so soon after embracing that part of herself impacted their dynamic.  Maggie was right in how she handled it last week, but Alex was justified in her feelings this week.  She is, after all, only human.
  • Chris Woods continues to excel in this role.  I love the growth we are seeing in Mon-El and I don’t know who said Chris couldn’t act but he’s been doing a bang up job on this show.  He is growing in a way that is logical for his character-still a smart ass, but with additional layers and feelings.  We see the relationships Mon-El has developed changing him in a way that is natural.  I am kind of here for him crushing on Kara too, cause Jimmy is a hot mess right now.
  • The Guardian/Winn team up works for me when I consider it independent from the primary story.  I would not mind them having their own show.  I like them as a pair out there doing their own thing.  The relationship chemistry with Mehcad and Jeremy was one of the saving graces from last season and I love that the show found a way to capitalize on it this week.
  • The J’onn/M’gann arc continues to evolve, and I hope that M’gann makes it beyond this season because I love their dynamic.  It made sense that he reacted the way he did-this woman is the epitome of the destruction of his family and world.  The fight scene in their natural forms, while a bit heavy on the CGI, was great.  The reveal that part of the genocide was to convert Green Martians to White ones makes sense.  I am genuinely scared for J’onn, especially since we see his shaking hand convert to a White Martian hand, in a way that appears to be out of his control.
  • Kara finally gave her first pep talk that didn’t center her feelings.  I was proud to see her helping her friends adjust and grow through their challenges.  It is good to watch Kara really grow this season.  She is talking like a grownup and interacting with her team and her friends like a grown up.  THANK YOU CW FOR SAVING THIS SHOW!

What Didn't Work:

  • supergirl-the-darkest-place-1This Guardian storyline is falling flat for me.  I love Winn and Jimmy teaming up, but it still feels all over the place and a bit shoe horned in to give Mehcad a storyline.  I do want him to have one, but how they got here is still problematic so everything that spins off of it bores me a bit.
  • The continued Daxamite shade that feels like low key racism is problematic. Kara and Alex continue to get side eye from me for that.
  • After Lex infiltrated the Fortress of Solitude, why Clark did not put 2 Factor Authentication on that place is beyond me and shows how naive the Kryptonians can be.

This episode was absolutely fantastic and so much fun!  It was a definite improvement from last week.  Everyone gave fantastic performances.  I felt the emotion from everyone.  I thought they took Kara’s blood to clone her, and am glad that we didn’t revisit that well (we already had a Bizarro episode last season). I am genuinely curious as to what Medusa is. Next week we get the four night crossover, and it looks like a lot of fun, so we will probably get a small break from the advancement of the storylines here.




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