Supergirl Season 2 Episode 5: Crossfire


supergirl-s2e5-crossfire-jimmyJimmy struggles to find purpose in his live.  Kara struggles to help Mon-El aka Mike find purpose.  Cadmus uses common criminals to erode the public’s trust in the Alien Amnesty Act.  Alex struggles with her feelings for Maggie.  We discover the identity of the Cadmus Lead Scientist.

The theme of this episode centers on purpose.  Jimmy is feeling lost.  Winn has found his purpose.  Kara is more on track and centered this season.  He, however, is stuck in a job that feels empty and is looking to do more.  He’s tired of not living up to the examples set by his father and friends.  While Winn wisely tries to advise him to avoid a reckless course of action, he fails to follow this advice, taking steps to be front and center in the fight against threats to the planet.  Since he won’t give up, Winn decides to help since he understands the concept of working in a job not connected to one’s purpose.   

supergirl-s2e5-crossfire-5Kara is trying to map a path for Mike as his mentor that mirrors her own, and gets incredibly frustrated when he marches to his own beat.   From dumping all his work on Ms. Tessmacher to trying to put in sexual work with Ms. Tessmacher, Mike is breaking all the rules and is frustrating Kara to the point where she is ready to give up.  Alex brings her back to the land of common sense, explaining that just as Kara had to find her own way, so does Mike. 

The villains of the week are common thugs backed by Cadmus to bring attention to the danger of alien weaponry.  However, as what happens when you give someone with no concept of things something more powerful than themselves, they overuse it and you lose control of them.  The thugs (who have names, but trust me, they do not matter) decide to take on Lena Luthor, who has set up the gala as a way of entrapping them with a device that will deactivate and destroy their weaponry.  They are warned by the lead Cadmus baddie not to do it, but hard heads make for soft behinds.  They go through with the plan, are foiled by Supergirl and Lena, and later murdered while in police custody by the Cadmus baddie, who turns out to be Lena's mom. 

Alex shoots her shot with Maggie, who is nursing her pain from a recent breakup. 

supergirl-s2e5-crossfire-4I enjoyed the episode but will admit it felt like more background noise.  Jimmy's story felt forced, and while I am happy he is getting a storyline, it was not a strong one.  There is room to grow it however so I am interested to see how they plan to do that. The villain arc this week and the logic of Mrs. Luthor makes no sense.  How humans using alien weapons scares individuals into wanting to repeal the Alien Amnesty Act is a leap of logic I'm simply not buying at all.  I like the moves made between Alex and Maggie, and appreciate the struggle they are showing for Alex in reconciling pieces of her identity. Mike's story was entertaining, and we finally got Kara acting more age appropriate, which was nice.  Overall, this was not as strong an episode as the previous four.  We do have some forward momentum with the main storyline though, so we shall see where we go from here, because we are all wondering what happened to Jeremiah Danvers.





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