Supergirl Season 2 Episode 15-Exodus


Cadmus launches their offensive by kidnapping aliens off the street.  Kara and Alex must both take a risk and do something that could impact their careers permanently in order to stop them.  The mystery figures tracking Mon El (Terri Hatcher, Desperate Houseives and Kevin Sorbo, Hercules) arrive on the other side of the moon.

Directed by Michael Allowitz, whose primary credits include Assistant/Second Director credits as well as a few episodes of CW shows, Exodus felt action packed and well paced.  This episode saw Kara separated from CatCo, Alex suspended from the DEO, and Winn separated from Lyra.  We also got James back.  For about 2 full minutes.  *sigh*

What Worked:

  • I liked the continuation of the Cadmus story. I wasn't quite sure to believe Jeremiah when he said he convinced Lillian to deport the aliens, but appreciate the direction it took.  Many pieces of this episode felt ripped from the headlines, and it makes me wonder if the writers had some level of precognition to know that events in the real world were mirrored in their script.  Fascism, forcible deportation of citizens, xenophobia...ripped right from our current headlines.  Comics have always been a place where we can examine the issues of the world in a cartoon format.  This episode stayed true to that nature of the genre.
  • The acting this episode was on a different level.  It feels like the actors are finding their stride.  Winn's anguish, Alex's internal conflict, and Kara's crisis of conscience were beautifully executed by the actors.  Snapper's summary of Kara's misstep was powerfully delivered.  Allowitz brought everything out of these actors this episode.
  • The alien actors this episode were perfect.  From the opening sequence with the little girl running faster than any being had a right to, to Lyra fighting for her survival, we felt the desperation and fear of individuals who were taken against their will, subject to an unknown fate.
  • The progression of Mon El's story.  Glad to see his parents arrive (we all know those are his parents and he's the Daxamite prince of his story) so we can see what precisely he lied about and how Kara will react.  I do hope at some point we get Terri Hatcher and Dean Cain on screen together for more gentle nods to their former roles, such as when Lillian pointed out that Jeremiah was the real Superman.

What Did Not Work:

  • While I was glad to see James back, and while he played a critical role in the Alien bar standoff, I do not like him being relegated to a recurring character.  Snapper's running CatCo now?  How Sway?  When Sway?  Supergirl is having a stronger season, but I don't want that to be at the expense of their characters of color.
  • Some of the plot points felt like major holes.  How does J'onn owe Alex an apology?  In whose universe?  Based on what?  She did reveal herself willing to betray her boss.  The peace offering was not firing her ass-which would have been the appropriate move.  Why did Kara have to push on the ship (except to have a pep talk from Alex)-couldn't she just have burned out the engines with her heat vision?  Kara is seriously taking advice from Mon El?  I know that's your man but girl stop.  C'mon son.  Don't do that.

Even with the plot holes, this was a fantastic episode, and laid the foundation moving forward to wrap up the season.  Cadmus is still out there, and Jeremiah's betrayal won't bode well for him...or for the Danvers sisters.  How this converges with the arrival of the Daxamites should make for an interesting season wrap up.




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