Supergirl Season 2 Episode 13: Mr. and Mrs. Mxyzptlk


Mxyzlptlk (Peter Gadiot, Queen of the South), a 5th dimensional being, comes to town with intentions on wooing Kara, which causes stress in her budding relationship with Mon El.  Alex and Maggie fall out over their different approaches to Valentine’s Day.  Winn finds what could be love in a place he least expects it.

This was an incredibly fun episode to watch.  The timing, the action, and the special effects were amazing and the pacing was much better than the previous episode. I do not know why they did not air this on Valentine’s Day.  Although Kara and Mon El’s drama is still a bit much, it was handled well as the backdrop to Mxy’s story.

What Worked

  • Peter Gadiot was a welcome addition to Supergirl this week. As the playful but deadly Mr. Mxyzlptlk, his timing was perfect.  Appearing as SuperMxy was hilarious.  Vera Wang is always a good choice when trying to sweep a woman off her feet.  His verbal exchange with Mon El for Kara’s affections didn’t come off as painful as it could have. Hopefully we get a future episode with him.  His presence made the back and forth between Kara and Mon El more palatable.
  • Alex and Maggie working through Maggie’s Valentine’s issues added another layer to the only adult relationship left on the show. We learn that Maggie was not honest about her relationship with her family, or how she came out of the closet.  It was acted so well I was upset with Maggie for a minute until she shared how she was outed by a girl she fell for at 14.  Finding out that she was kicked out by her parents at such a young age was heartbreaking.  Their reconciliation was sweet.  I appreciate the way the show continues to handle their relationship.
  • Winn gets a love interest-and it’s about time. Lyra Strayd’s (Tamzin Merchant, The Tudors) introduction was excellent, they got the jiggly bits out of the way early, and Winn spit game-and landed his shot on the second date.  I am glad to see Winn getting more side story.  Hopefully Lyra isn’t going to hurt him.
  • The special effects, especially the return of Parasite and the fight inside the Fortress of Solitude, were AMAZING this episode.

What Did Not Work

  • Um…where was James Olsen? I have not been a fan of the way they have written his character this season, but they teased us with a new role for him, only to sideline him for much of the season.  Let’s get him back in rotation!
  • I liked the shout out to M’gann but was hoping for a Sharon Leal cameo. C’est la Vie.
  • I am still struggling with the Mon El/Kara romance. It’s sad because I was rooting for them initially.  They have good chemistry, but their exchanges are a bit too juvenile for my liking.

This was a solid episode, only diminished by the continued drama between Mon El and Kara.  I am looking forward to next week when it appears our tight knit group might start showing some cracks.




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