Supergirl Season 2 Episode 11: The Martian Chronicles


The arrival of M’gann’s mate Armek (Terrell Tilford, Switched at Birth ) triggers a lock down at the DEO as they attempt to capture and dispatch the menace who threatens the entire planet.  Kara works through her abandonment issues as the relationships with those around her shift and change.

This was a great episode focusing on the relationships of the individuals around Kara.  I appreciate them showing the ways in which Kara’s friends are engaging in their own lives.  Of course, this leaves Kara feeling lost, abandoned and alone.  She will be alright.

What Worked:

  • I love the relationship between J’onn and M’gann.  I originally thought they were platonic, but the chemistry between Sharon Leal and David Harewood is undeniable.  J’onn’s feelings for M’gann were evident when he first thought she was a Green Martian.  I’m glad she let him know how she felt in the end as well.  Their story continues to be the most compelling relationship on the show, accentuated by Blake Neely’s beautiful Martian theme.
  • Our favorite DEO Agent Vasquez (Briana Venskus, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) came back-and brought an equally entertaining fellow agent Demos (Curtis Lum, The Romeo Section).  The verbal interplay between them was entertaining and brought a levity to an otherwise terrifying episode.
  • I appreciate Mon El being exactly who he is.  He expressed his feelings for Kara, and she made it abundantly clear she was not interested.  Characters on these shows usually pine for the ones they love.  Mon El decided the best way to get over Kara was to get under Miss Tessmacher (Andrea Brooks, unREAL).  Kara was clearly disturbed by how quickly he moved on, but I appreciated his initiative, and the show’s departure from the usual romantic tropes.
  • This episode did a great job with a focus on the terror created by being trapped with a being who can assume the form of anyone.  The guessing game of discovering whose face Armek took on was simultaneously hilarious and terrifying.  The reveal that more than one White Martian made their way inside the building was more terrifying.  David McWhirter, who directed this episode, did a fantastic job setting a tense environment where no one was safe.

What Did Not Work:

  • M’gann leaving did not work for me at all.  She curved J’onn on a galactic scale.  I understand her reasoning in the show, but am sad that she’s gone.  I really wanted them to work her into the team in other ways.  It may still happen, but for now I am sad. 
  • Kara was a bit too whiny this episode for my liking.  I am used to her being self focused, but I feel like the writers set this up to make her lay guilt trips on other people for living their lives.  It is not a writing choice I would make, and it doesn’t allow us to feel any sympathy for the real abandonment issues Kara is dealing with.

It appears the show is back on track with strong writing and entertaining storylines.  We are fast approaching the musical crossover episode.  Next week sees the return of the Luthers, and potentially the Cadmus ties. 




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