Supergirl Season 1 Episode 18: World’s Finest


Supergirl-Worlds-Finest-Barry-with-Tachyon-ConverterI own up to being biased.  Grant Gustin (Barry Allen, The Flash) is adorable.  I want to find a way to share custody of him with his parents so he’s required to come to my family events on occasion so he can just be nice and I can smile at his niceness.  So I knew I was going to like some parts of this episode, if not most of it, because Grant really does bring a light to his role, and people seem to play well off of that.  I was not disappointed in his appearance.  I also know that this is CBS, so something about this episode would happen that would disappoint me.  I was right about this as well.  This episode appears to take place ahead of the events of The Flash (watch 3/29’s episode to understand why) and on an Earth of a different designation.  We are not on Earth 1 or 2 in the Supergirl universe, because none of the Flarrowverse characters exist there.  There is no Star Labs, no Central City, no Green Arrow, Cisco Ramon…no one.  When Barry appears and “saves” Kara, he realizes he is stranded and asks for the Scoobies’ help getting back home.  He cannot do it alone because while he has been working on his speed he didn’t anticipate jumping to an Earth he’d never been too before.  Meanwhile, Siobhan discovers who and what she is, and what she must do to free herself from the curse-kill the person who wronged her.

Episode Highs

Why Can’t We Be Friends?: There were a lot of great moments this episode.  Barry’s appearance saving Kara after her confrontation with Siobhan at CatCo, Barry explaining the multiverse and Winn actually understanding and assisting in the explanation of the multiverse, Barry giving the best Papa Joe West pep talk this show has seen ever, Kara’s ease with interacting with Barry-there were so many good moments between Grant and Melissa.  They played very well off of each other and I was never bored when they were on screen.  I loved the connection he seemed to have with Winn, and how he seamlessly fit into the universe while trying to find his way home.

Someone Else’s Story: Siobhan learning her roots was well done and not drawn out.  The show seems to be going with the older version of the Banshee story, which is fine (although I liked the idea of the battle between her and her Father over her power better, but oh well).  It also made sense that she would target Kara and Cat since the show has been setting her up as their antagonist for the last few episodes.  Deciding to take out the interference presented by Supergirl and to partner with LiveWire made perfect sense.  There were some challenges with the pairing-Brit Morgan seemed to overplay her role as LiveWire to almost campy levels, but it still worked.

Time Will Reveal: Last week I commented on the lack of forward progression with all the threats being introduced.  I appreciate that two episodes before the end of the season we got some forward movement with Myriad and in two weeks we will see what the end game of taking over the entire populace is about.  What do they plan to do with the people?  I have an idea what Myriad is now, given the upload to the satellites and our overreliance on technology, particularly cell phones, which use the satellites for GPS tracking.

Episode Lows

Bitter: Jimmy’s jealousy was ridiculous and not needed in this episode.  It was over the top, wholly inappropriate, and poorly timed.  I absolutely HATE that they wrote Jimmy as this petty tantrum throwing lout, who was fine when Kara was panting after him, but pissed off when there was someone new, despite how obviously platonic it was.  He even seemed irritated that Winn found someone he could connect with from a geek level.  It was ridiculous and diminished the character as well as the actor.

I Have So Many Questions:  Chief among them-how can all that chemistry that has built between Kara and Jimmy result in such an incredibly awkward and uncomfortable looking kiss?  That was the least sexy, most awkward, most disappointing kiss in the history of any fandom I’ve ever seen.  I have been rooting for Kara and Jimmy to get together all season, but now?  I am not so sure. You might try to blame Myriad, but it was obvious that he was into the kiss at first-it was painful to watch.  Perhaps the idea all along in this series was not to pair Jimmy and Kara, which is fine for me at this point-because not only can I not unsee that, I don’t want to see it again.

Supergirl-Worlds-Finest-Livewire-Banshee-and-CatI Will Find Him: By him, I mean the person responsible for the CGI and makeup budget.  Lord knows I did not think the CGI effects could be worse, but they sure found a way this week.  Add to that the awful LiveWire wig (these are the new episodes-they couldn’t buy a better one?) and the ridiculous Banshee makeup, and I wanted to throw my hands up and scream why to the heavens.

Who Will Survive in America?: Not the citizens of National City, because like every other place on this planet that has a Kryptonian, apparently when imminent danger looms, the only thing they know how to do is stand around waiting to become fatal casualties of the carnage. And CBS just cannot help to take a decent episode and muck it up with a cheese fest.  Banshee and LiveWire are tearing up the joint, have damn near killed Supergirl-and everyone stands in front of her to protect her.  LiveWire CORRECTLY points out that just yesterday these hypocrites wanted her dead and now this?  Then the Firefighters save the day with water and boldly declare “It’s our turn to save you.”  LORD!   The episode was so enjoyable and then they did that and messed it all the way up for me.

Even with the issues, the episode was entertaining even on a second watch.  As I said in the beginning, Grant Gustin just brings a light to his role, and him and Melissa together this episode just worked.  It felt less like she was acting, which is what you want when watching a show.  It’s sad because I don’t know if we will see another crossover (and it would have to be Barry coming back since none of the Flarrowverse characters exist on this Earth), but I am glad we got this one.

Next episode in two weeks-What is Myraid?  We shall see…hopefully.




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