Supergirl Season 1 Episode 13: For the Girl Who Has Everything


Kara is plunged into a perfect fantasy state by the Black Mercy, a symbiotic creature planted by Non to pave the way for the Kryptonians to put their plan in motion. Cat continues to mistreat Kara due to the breakup between her and Adam. The Scoobies, Lord, and the DEO must work together to save Kara and discover the Kryptonians’ end game.

supergirl-s1e13-Alura-hologramThis was a great episode. It was a well written and cohesive episode and would have been a great season finale. Melissa finally brought the acting performance I always knew she had in her. We got a glimpse into the Kryptonians plan and were treated to Kara interacting with her family and a young Kal-El. The Scoobies were introduced to the DEO facility. J’onn got to be Martian Manhunter in his full glory. Kara finally resolved her family issues. The CGI and special effects team pulled out all the stops for this episode.

I don’t have specific clusters of episode highs this week because the entire episode was well crafted. Non wanted Kara out of commission so they could carry out their plan, so he arranges for her to be attacked by the Black Mercy, a symbiotic creature that traps its’ victim in the perfect fantasy state. It can only be removed by the victim rejecting the fantasy. The longer the victim stays under, the more they forget their old life. Kara wakes up back home on Krypton. We see her interacting with her parents and with Kal-El. The perfect fantasy for her is her reunited family, including Astra, home on her world.

supergirl-s1e13-Max-plottingMeanwhile, the DEO is attempting to get satellite access back, not realizing that the solar storm that is blocking the access coupled with the attack on Kara are tools to obscure the Fort Rozz prisoners’ activities. Winn and James, who come to the DEO after discovering Kara, help them discover the potential danger. Maxwell Lord’s presence at the DEO becomes crucial in helping the group alter technology to allow Alex to enter Kara’s dream state to help her emerge from it.

This episode allows the resolution of several threads. Kara finally grieves her family, while recognizing the family she has now created is just as important. Astra and Kara finally reconcile, even if it is on Astra’s deathbed. We discover why the Fort Rozz prisoners launched the attack on Lord Technologies. Finally, we get a face off where Kara finally holds her own and doesn’t have to be saved by a third party. The episode left us with more threads to follow for the remainder of this season and possibly into a subsequent season, including the mystery behind Myriad, the Fort Rozz plan for earth, as well as the lie Hank tells Kara regarding the death of Astra.

All the actors put in solid performances. Melissa Benoist finally owned all the nuance and depth of the role of Kara. Mechad Brooks and David Harewood had a wonderful scene together as they argued over Alex’s fate. Jeremy Jordan was so powerful as a man who almost loses a chance to heal his friendship with a woman he loves but has to let go of. Chyler Leigh was stronger this episode than she has been all season.

supergirl-s1e13-Black-MercyThe only low for this episode was the writing of Cat Grant. They have a powerful story to tell with Cat, but this episode reduced her to being a petty shrew, and it was so painful to watch because Calista Flockhart deserves so much better. Her fear in losing touch with and possibly not being enough for her son could have been written so much better than it was. Instead, they reduce Cat to being nasty and spiteful. It physically hurt me to watch the portrayal. I am hoping that with the extra episodes the writing for her gets better.

We have a week off before the show comes back on February 22. I will be watching this episode again because it was the strongest one of the season.




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