Supergirl S5E13 Review – MyxzFlix


Mr. Mxyzptlk is back-although not as we remember him!  Tom Lennon in the role addresses the elephant in the room and takes Kara on a It's a Wonderful Life type adventure aimed to help her resolve her guilt about the loss of her relationship with Lena.  We love that the resolution came with Kara letting go of her guilt and reading Lena for filth.  We love Lena but this was a long time coming.  We also appreciate all the call back guest spots from Sam Witwer, Chris Wood, Chad Lowe, and Odette Annabelle in their former roles.  Finally, we appreciate that Mxyzptlk wasn't there with a bait and switch or to be evil-he genuinely wanted to help Kara.  Here's hoping we see him again. 

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