Legends of Tomorrow Season 3×17 Damien Darhk Was Right


Damien Darhk was right. Not even trying to be all "villain agenda" here but he probably ended up saving the lives of the Legends by betraying them. They were going to lose spectacularly. Neal McDonough has always been great as Darhk but he's been really great this season. The mini-speech he gives Sara about the darkness inside of both of them and love was great. Everyone knew that Darhk was going to betray the team but even the reason why he does it this time shows growth for the character. 

This was another excellent episode. We start off with Grodd going after a young Barry Obama then the focus shifts to Amaya trying to save her village (and breaking time, thus freeing Mallus). And then there's the whole meta John Noble playing John Noble being asked to read a script to sound like a character...voiced by John Noble. Legends of Tomorrow is great.

The Legends must fix two anachronisms at the same time to keep Mallus at bay and form an uneasy alliance with one of their enemies.


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