Super Tuesday Recap: The Flash S5E20 Gone Rogue Review – Yall Do Know Thawne is Evil Right?


Umm...we do know that Eobard Thawne is evil right? What are we doing here? Kriss has a theory on what Thawne's plan actually is and it makes sense as to what his end goal is. Why does he want to help Nora help Barry stop Cicada? How did Grace get back to their time? How did Grace know about the Metahuman cure? Is this really all about Thawne manipulating the West-Allens so that the metahuman cure is destroyed and he gets his powers back? Something is up and Iris isn't taking the threat of Thawne serious enough and now she's dragged Barry into it. Two episodes left and this isn't going to end well (for the West-Allens).

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