Super Tuesday Recap: Legends of Tomorrow S4E9 & S4E10 Review – We Back


Lucha libre, Hawaiian werewolves, tricky Dick and truth roaches...oh yes folks...WE BACK...the Legends are back. We really didn't realize how much we missed Legends of Tomorrow until it came back the last two episodes (Lucha de Apuestas & The Getaway). I mean how can you not love this show? Out of all the Arrowverse shows this is the one that asks the most of it's cast. These episodes jump between being silly and ridiculous and being serious and moving constantly without feeling out of place. What other show can give us the sad breakup of Ava and Sara and the tragedy of Mona while also giving us Lucha libre wrestling and a RV roadtrip with President Nixon, the Legends and a cockroach that forces people to tell the truth. Come on.  How can you not love this show?

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