Super Tuesday Recap – Fox vs DC/WB


With no new episode of The Flash this week, Kriss and Dpalm decided to fill that time with a special episode talking about movie news. We start with good news, discussing Avengers Infinity War starting production, Black Panther/Thor Ragnorok concept art and Marvel Studio's well oiled machine. Then comes the bad stuff. It starts with a simple question: If we were given the opportunity to make a movie in which universe/studio, which would we pick: Fox or WB/DC?  From there we get into some larger rants:

  • Kriss finds out the Reavers are in Logan
  • Why Logan doesn't look exciting at all
  • 17 years of X-Men movies and Fox is still making the same ones
  • Who leaks more, Trump's White House or Warner Brothers?
  • WB/DC's shitty movie history and why they don't deserve any more chances
  • Rumors
    • Ben Affleck looking to leave the role of Batman
    • Mel Gibson being courted for Suicide Squad 2 because...fuck everything

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