The Flash S3E19 The Once and Future Flash


The Flash is  back from break to enter into its final stretch of 4 remaining episodes. What works really well for us this episode is that we finally get that "beacon of light" Barry. With his future self so depressed over the loss of Iris, we get to see the current Barry step up and bring the future team back together and its much needed. Our biggest concern though is, with only 3 episodes left, it feels as if this show has painted themselves in a corner because of bad pacing and that it will be hard to pull off the finale. Also, stretching out the Savitar reveal has been  bad idea and there's really only one option of who it could be that would work.

And we end with a mega rant on WB's treatment of Wonder Woman. You've heard us talk about the lack of marketing (seems like everyone else is catching on too) but it's worse than that. Wait until Kriss & Dpalm break down the disparities in budgets. It's infuriating.


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