The Flash S3E14 Attack on Central City


Kriss & Dpalm have mixed feelings about this episode. Overall, its a pretty good episode with a lot of great moments (Harry hating HR, Harry trying to sabotage Jesse & Wally's relationship, Gipsy & Cisco, Barry considering that he might have to kill Grodd, etc). But it falls flat because the end is kind of anti-climatic. While we appreciate The Flash taking chances, it seems that we've approached the limits of what they can do on the CW. 

We also talk about the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 trailer, WB/DC still promoting everything but Wonder Woman, predictions on what Wonder Woman does financially and Dpalm responds to writer Tom King's ranked list of the best fighters in the Bat-Family (and in doing so, we commit to another Character Corner).

Oh and the Grodd issue that Kriss & Dpalm are talking about at the beginning is Flash Vol 2 #178

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