Super Tuesday Recap – Comic Book Rundown


You all have been asking us to do a Super Tuesday to cover comic books again and it's been long overdue. So here it is. We cover all the books we're reading (and some that we aren't but want to be) from DC, Marvel and even Image/IDW. We cover a lot more books than the ones listed below. That's just scratching the surface.


  • DC Rebirth
    • Green Arrow
    • Green Lanterns
    • Titans
    • Teen Titans
    • Justice League vs Suicide Squad
    • The Bat Books
  • Other Books Outside of Marvel & DC
    • Lost Light #1
    • Southern Bastards
    • Uber Invasion
  • Marvel
    • Darth Vader & the rest of the Star Wars books
    • Nick Spencer & the Captain America books
    • Spider-Man
    • Infamous Iron Man
    • Invincible Iron Man
    • Civil War II
    • X-Men books
    • Jason Aaron & Thor

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