Batwoman S2E3-4 Review – All My Exes Are Killers


Shanna and Ro return to talk Batwoman and this time Hiroja's joining the fun.

In "Bat Girl Magic", Ryan tries to join the team and balance her Bat life with her real-life but her biggest obstacles are her parole officer and Luke's refusal to believe that Kate is dead. This actually works out because Kate isn't dead. After kidnapping Sophie and Alice, Safiyah reveals that she did blow up Kate's plane … but Kate wasn't on it.

Now that they're properly motivated, Alice and Sophie work together in "Fair Skin, Blue Eyes" to find a missing man, Ocean, whom Safiyah has been searching for. But their tenuous partnership falls apart when Sophie realizes Alice just wants Kate back to kill her once and for all. Meanwhile Ryan fights the Candy Lady, a woman who steals children who have been overlooked by society and funnels them into gangs. This leads to a deeper dive into Ryan's backstory and we meet one of her dangerous exes, Angelique. Seems like both Kate and Ryan have a weakness for killer women.

We discuss this, the wigs, and so much more.


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