Super Tuesday Recap: Batwoman S2E10-11 Review – Ocean View

Batwoman Season 2 Key Art overlaid with a picture of Mary and Luke in the Bat Cave

Shanna, Ro, and HiroJa are back to discuss the latest episodes of Batwoman. As we get closer to the end of the season, Batwoman seems to be introducing a lot of the elements we've discussed but we're not sure how they will actually play out. 

Crowphie seems to be realizing that not everything in the Land of Crows is what she thought it was but now that she knows Ryan is Batwoman, how will she react to her sometimes partner and friends lying to her?

Jacob is on Dat Bite because he'd rather be a drug addict than a good father to his many daughters. Luckily he and Alice are getting some good talk therapy from Enigma. In addition to the therapy, Enigma's offering two for one refunds on memories so Ocean and Alice have their memories back for now. 

Things are connecting and making sense even when the show occasionally takes shortcuts from point A to point B. We're not sure if this season is just a lot of setup for some recurring villains next year or if this season will end with some important loose ends but we're enjoying most of the journey. 

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    lisa 1 May, 2021 at 02:51 Reply

    Just listened to the new episode! Y’all taking about Ryan’s wig had me dead. But this is the one time I can’t blame the CW and their Party City Wigs, because this wig is Javicia’s personal one 😔. I do like it though, I thought the wig was melted and I didn’t think the edges were too much but I’m a sew in girl so lol.

    But yeah, the way they dress Ryan… costume department I just wanna talk to you >:( ! Because some of these colors and textures do NOT be making sense. At all. She’s fine AF so sometimes it distracts me but other times even she can’t help.

    Anyway, I agreed with y’all’s thoughts this week. Because, I know this is a CW show but babyyyy, they’re trying me.

    The prison pipeline story was already making me squint but they way they’re handling it is irritating me. This is a very real issue the blasé way they’ve made it a storyline is lazy. I wish this was a season long plot and they really focused on fleshing out the community centre, and even Ryan’s dealings with the prison system, etc. Rather than these fleeting moments of wokeness.

    Also Jacob, hmm. Never seen a more incompetent father and employee. If there was ever a case of whiteness/maleness helping one in life, well sir would be it.

    And I know y’all been waiting for Angelique’s funeral since day one, and I get why, but I feel like the writers didn’t try with them at all, and when you guys mention them not trusting the story, this is one area that stands out to me. They could have done better with making them seem more like real people and less like stereotypes. Their lack of interest in fleshing Ang out makes it hard to care about she’s obviously just plot fodder. I would have liked to see how they worked out(as friends or lovers) if the writers had actually tried, because their dynamic wasn’t the usual one and could have had potential.

    Also, this effort to endure us to Sophie is hilarious. Because what has she done to deserve it? Her first onscreen interaction with Ryan was literally her ready to arrest Ryan without any proof. Sis ain’t even look at the store’s video camera! Like she was about to take her in on some trumped up charges! So she’s helped Batwoman out a few times (sitting with her as she almost died wasn’t like, a shippy thing to me, it was the human thing to do?) and now Sophie’s the ‘better cop’ ???? PLEASE.

    I know she’ll eventually be integrated into the BatTeam and with Kate coming back, she’s probably going to shack up with her too. Which, honestly I prefer to her and Ryan. They have history and for Sophie’s personality, that pairing makes sense. With Ryan, I know they would never go there but she and Mary? Yeah I see a little something! But just friends is cute too.

    Anyway, so far the season has been uneven, but maybe the return of Kate will shake things up? Here’s to hoping lol

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