Agents of SHIELD S4E15 Self Control


Look, this is the best comic book show on TV and it's not even close. And it really shines when it's going into a break. Not too many shows pack as much into 42 minutes of television like Agents of Shield and this episode, Self Control, has so much.

Kriss & Dpalm discuss Jed Whedon's debut as a director and how some of the shots in this episode were perfectly picked, the shocking twists and turns and then we end with everyone's favorite: Our predictions on who isn't going to make it. We then take listener emails (of which we got a lot) and then talk briefly about some Marvel TV news (Inhumans, Namor?, X-Men).

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    Jamell Creque 1 March, 2017 at 07:40 Reply

    The production value in this episode was extremely high. I don’t ever being haunted by a soundtrack since season finale of GoT.

    The opening song creepy… And then symphonic music increasing as they fly away from the base in the closing sequence. This was really telling as to how much they really wanted this episode to play.

    One thing that is haunting me…. Jenna said when first meeting up with Daisy…”They have to kill you then put you in the framework. “. What the hell? Where did that come from. Is she having reveries like West world. Does she remember something happening yo her? Is that why they have her in a grave!!??!!

    This has been bothering me for a week.

    Peace out.. Love the show…

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