Super Tuesday Recap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S6E2 Window of Opportunity Review – Disney Legend Melinda May


We're back for episode 2 of this season of Agents of SHIELD and we have so many questions. Where is "Sarge"/Not-Coulson from? Is AoS getting ahead of Spider-Man Far From Home and establishing the MCU multi-verse? Are Sarge and his team destroying other worlds or just pillaging them before they're destroyed? In space, we have Fitz and this Fitz still hasn't come to terms with what he did in the Framework. It's going to be interesting when this Fitz is finally confronted with Simmons because there's so much to catch up on. Oh and a Melinda May...excuse me...a Disney Legend Melinda May "loss" still means everyone got their asses kicked by her. 

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