The Strain Review: The Disappeared


This episode might feel like a bit of a letdown but that was inevitable after the high tension in the previous episode. It's not perfect by any means and has it's "What the fuck are you serious?" moments but overall The Strain is still proving to be the best show of the summer.

Nora & Eph with the "We just got caught fucking in my parent's bed" faces

Nora & Eph with the "We just got caught fucking in my parent's bed" faces

Let's get the negatives out of the way. I think I figured it out my biggest problem.   This show is at its best when the amount of screen time featuring just Eph with Nora is at a minimum. As much as I do not like Eph, he's still serves a purpose. He's a scientist and an unlikable human being but he's still functional. He might not want to call these creatures vampires and he might want to find a logical and scientific explanation for what's happening but when shit hits the fan, he's ready to get down to work.  Nora though, is just annoying and worthless. Eph might be skeptical but he's still willing to do what needs to be done. Remember, Abraham already said in a previous episode "It's not for everyone" when talking about Nora. She's only with them right now because her and her mother were attacked and needed somewhere to go. She's not about this life at all. I feel like she's actually holding Eph back. Maybe she's in shock (understandably) but when it's just her and Eph, it makes for less compelling TV. Even their sex scene was just awkward and unnecessary. Although it did slightly redeem itself when Eph was completely oblivious to Nora's feelings and started talking to Kelly's friend about how much he "loves his wife" and then gave Nora's phone number to the friend to give to Kelly. This is why Eph got divorced. He's such an asshole and completely oblivious to reality outside of his current task/mision.


"Can I wear a cowboy hat and carry a gun with a silencer on it?"

The good news is, we're now further into the show and there are more characters beyond Nora & Eph to focus on. Nora might not be with the program but Vasiliy Fet definitely is. First off his MVP performance last week, Vasiliy is back in with another triple double.   This character is awesome. The best thing about him is how nonchalant he is about everything. Abraham saw his potential when he drafted him and Vasiliy is living up to it. And both of them realize Nora isn't ready for this life. When Nora told Abraham "You don't know everything" Abraham hit her back with the "You're right, but I do know about this." Then later on Vasiliy dropped a few hot ether bars while snacking on a rolled up piece of bologna. I also noticed Abraham telling Zach to "read up". Abraham basically trying to turn Zach into a little Carl Jr. and I'm here for it. It's weird because generally kids annoy me in a show like this but Zach seems pretty cool. He's not your typical annoying kid. To be honest he's been less annoying than Carl Jr. was at the beginning of The Walking Dead. I was even rooting for him to survive Zombie Matt, which I thought he handled pretty well. By the way, when Eph isn't with Nora...he does things like kill and decapitate Zombie Matt with no regrets. You know a couple of them blows were 'And this is for fucking my wife' blows.

I'm interested in seeing what they do with Dutch. She's come clean to Abraham about her role in shutting down the Internet and communications but with her stuff missing, can she still be of use? I will say that people need to pay more attention to what's happening on the show. Between what Dutch said she did and what the police at the jail told Gus, it should be perfectly clear why more folks aren't panicked about the outbreak. Communication is down. So while more and more people are becoming infected or are coming in contact with the infected, no one is able to communicate to coordinate information. Even in the jail, the officer just told Gus it was an outbreak and that first responders were swamped. New York City for the most part has been put in the dark with limited communication getting in or out. Plus, the last several episodes have occurred over the span of a few hours. So there's really not much else to show. Also, shout out to Gus. Once again he knows when to run.

thestrain_the-masterI'm really liking the flashbacks that show us what happened with Abraham and Eichorst. I find it interesting that the confrontations between Eichorst/The Master & Abraham are going to occur AFTER the Concentration Camp. Abraham escapes and his fingers are barely useable. So that tells me that he comes across Eichorst and the Master at some later time. The Master also looks as creepy as one would expect. I also like that we see how he turned Eichorst and that it fit with what Abraham said about a select few being "chosen". Its small details like that that make this show stand out to me. I'm also loving that the worms are a big part of what makes these vampire creatures. It actually is one reason why I'm glad Eph is around. With him being a scientist, I think we're going to see more scientific explanations for how these creatures and the Master operate and I think that makes for compelling television.


Like I said, this episode wasn't as tense as last weeks and so there definitely was a slight feeling of disappointment. But outside of some annoying moments (including some awkward sex) with Eph and Nora, this was another solid and enjoyable episode.



Charles (Kriss)

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    terxav 12 September, 2014 at 09:37 Reply

    Nora keeps talking and acting like a person who has no information about the Circumstances. This makes every time she talks or acts seem ridiculous , the taking a break to have sex with Eff, telling Vasilly Jim should have been killed by someone he loved. What!? Abraham has been telling anyone who would listen that the first people a new vamp seeks out are their loved ones. Maybe this is because they are the least likely to kill the infected. How many times must these people see the relationships between recently infected and their first victims before they believe. Being scientist from the CDC how do they ignore all the evidence searching for a logical explanation ?

    I wonder who made the initial move when Eph and Nora hooked up for the first time. I have a feeling it was Nora, and Eph was like “really, well you are attractive and available “. Vs him seducing Nora. I don’t think Eph would have a clue on how to seduce a woman.

    When will Gus hook up with the crew? Then you will have : 1 leader, 1 hacker, 2 scientists, two soldiers and a mascot (Zach). Hmmmm, I think having two soldiers is a definte plus but two scientist is one too many. And guess which one I would eliminate ?

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