Storm and Black Panther Aren’t Married…and Never Should Have Been



Storm and Black Panther aren't married. The marriage was annulled back in 2012.

First Mailbag of 2018 and it’s extra spicy, just as we promised. We’re tackling head-on the idea that T’Challa (Black Panther) and Ororo (Storm) represent black love and excellence and should be together. That’s wrong, very wrong and we break down why. From the shoehorned way it was done and bad writing, to erasing Monica Lynne to the hard truths that no one wants to talk about (Ororo was raised in Harlem not Cairo). We’re taking on the Storm/T’Challa truthers and holding nothing back.


  • Emails
    • Everyone is excited for Black Panther
    • Who makes for a better couple in a movie than T’Challa and Ororo?
    • Favorite “Back of the closet” series
    • 5 X-Men movies/storylines for getting the X-Men back to where they should be
    • Jon Malin doesn’t understand the X-Men
  • Topic of the Day: Storm deserves more respect than slapping her into a marriage with T’Challa

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