Star Wars Rebels – Stanning for Ahsoka Tano


MTR Rebels is back to recap the first half of Star Wars: Rebels Season 2. In this recap, we talk about the team's impossible win against the Inquisitors, Sith in a barrel, and getting the Darth Vader we wanted before Rogue One. Of course, we all stan over Ahsoka Tano. Then we talk about the arrival of Rex and Kanan's feelings about the Clones. We give our individual takes on this half-season, and we find out why Delano felt these episodes were hard to get through.

Episodes covered:

  • S2 E01 - The Siege of Lothal, pt. 1
  • S2 E02 - The Siege of Lothal, pt. 2
  • S2 E03 - The Lost Commanders
  • S2 E04 - Relics of the Old Republic
  • S2 E05 - Always Two, There Are
  • S2 E06 - Brothers of the Broken Horn
  • S2 E07 - Wings of the Master
  • S2 E08 - Blood Sisters
  • S2 E09 - Stealth Strike
  • S2 E10 - The Future of the Force
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