Star Wars Rebels Season 1 – Enter Tarkin


MTR Rebels is back to wrap up the first season of Star Wars: Rebels. The first episodes we reviewed set the stage. This is where the show starts to get it's legs. We discuss the long-game towards Rogue One and how Rebels builds off of the Star Wars novels. Then we discuss the arrival of Tarkin, and the "Fulcrum" reveal.

Episodes covered:

  • S1 E06 - Breaking Ranks
  • S1 E07 - Out of Darkness
  • S1 E08 - Empire Day
  • S1 E09 - Gathering Forces
  • S1 E10 - Path of the Jedi
  • S1 E11 - Idiot's Array
  • S1 E12 - Vision of Hope
  • S1 E13 - Call to Action
  • S1 E14 - Rebel Resolve
  • S1 E15 - Fire Across the Galaxy
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