Star Wars Rebels – Kanan Did What?


We're back to discuss Rebels, season 3. This is the season where it all comes together, and we all enjoyed every second of it. In this episode we discuss:

  • Ezra's character development.
  • The Bendu and moving beyond the Jedi/Sith binary.
  • How Rebels shows the development of the rebel fleet.
  • The greatness that is Grand Admiral Thrawn.
  • Where can the show take Kanan and Ezra?
  • Why does Ezra continue to indulge Hondo and Maul?
  • Ezra asks a question that breaks Star Wars.
  • Star Wars should have never killed off The Nightsisters...FULL STOP!
  • The Doctor goes on the best rant ever!
  • Rebels shows us how the oppressed fought back.
  • How the show's character reacted to Kallus the traitor.
  • Sato should have left his nephew's hard-headed behind.
  • Yes, electronics are mad janky in the Star Wars universe.
  • Droids are assholes, and have beef with each other.

And more...

Episodes covered:

S3 E01 & S3 E02 - Steps Into Shadow
S3 E03 - The Holocrons of Fate
S3 E04 - The Antilles Extraction
S3 E05 - Hera's Heroes
S3 E06 - The Last Battle
S3 E07 - Imperial Supercommandos
S3 E08 - Iron Squadron
S3 E09 - The Wynkahthu Job
S3 E10 - An Inside Man
S3 E11 - Visions and Voices

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