Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Review: Commander Crustacean Levels Up


Star Trek Discovery Season 2 continues to be a great season. We have so much to discuss, laugh about, cry about and celebrate. What more could we ask for for these last 3 episodes?


  • The show keeping the Star Trek exploring elements while still working towards the search for Spock
  • Episode 4 is Saru's "Flu Game"
  • If you don't want us to think about what Kelpien tastes like, don't put Saru on a bed of lettuce
  • L'Rell and the Klingons are getting closer to the Klingons we know and we like how they're doing it
  • Emperor Georgiou back...and now she's a member of Section 31
  • Ash Tyler has the worst life ever
  • Tilly & her imaginary friend
  • Dr. Hugh Culber is officially back. Stamets' man returns and so does the most loving relationship on the show
  • and much much more!

We love this show so much and we can't wait to see where they go next. 

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