Star Trek Discovery Review: Love is in the Air

We’re finally back reviewing Star Trek Discovery.  Originally we were going to do a review on episodes 3 - 6 but we had a bit of a delay so we’re going all the way up to episode 7. A lot has happened in that time. The Discovery’s spore drive is working but not without a few hiccups, Burnham is now the science officer of the ship and love seems to be in the air with the new crew member, Ash Tyler. But can he be trusted?
Listen for our full review of how the show is going, if the production value is staying up and we even through in a special CBS All Access Rant. Don’t miss it.


We’ll be back in a few weeks to review the next 2 episodes of Star Trek: Discovery and recap the first half of the season. Make sure you subscribe to Super Tuesday Recap on iTunes/Stitcher/Google so you don’t miss an episode.


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