Spoiler Review: The Protégé


The Protégé is one of those films that is good enough for entertainment but the longer you think about it, you feel disappointment because it should have been better.

Let's start with the good. Maggie Q is great as Anna. You can always tell when an actor has put in the work for their action scenes. Considering who Maggie Q trained under, its no surprise that she's a master of action scenes. Her action scenes in this film are intense and really draw you in. But beyond the action, her chemistry with her costars is also really good. She does a great job as a lead. 

Where this film struggles is on two fronts. First, the supporting cast. Make no mistake, Michael Keaton and Samuel L Jackson are very good in this film. The problem is what the script asks of them (particularly Keaton). Instead of having Keaton's Rembrandt be a secondary mentor or just a mysterious figure that's trying to play Anna, they turn him into a love interest for Anna. There's a damn near 3 decade gap between these two actors and I really wish movies would stop doing this. It's usually always an old man with a much younger woman and it's really just creepy. 

The second problem with this film is the ending. It feels rushed and it almost feels as if they sidelined their lead. This feels like a film that wasn't sure what the response would be to the film and so they played it safe and leaned too heavily in the big name male costars instead of leaning on Maggie Q at the end. The result is a movie that is fine but disappointing.

Overall, The Protégé  is still an entertaining film worth checking out. Yes it could be better but there's enough here and its short enough that the disappoint you feel won't overshadow the other parts of the film that you do enjoy.


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