Spoiler Review: The Art of Self Defense


The Art of Self Defense Tackles Tropes Head On 

The Art of Self Defense follows the trials of introverted (B has another opinion) bookkeeper Casey (Jesse Eisenberg). After being beaten to within an inch of his life by a marauding motorcycle gang, Casey joins a local karate studio. Casey is afraid of everything and wants to learn to protect himself. But this dojo and its enigmatic Sensi (Alessandro Nivola) has deadly secrets. Ro and Brandon got together to discuss The Art of Self Defense. Neither Ro or Brandon felt that a spoiler-free chat about this satirical take on toxic masculinity and bro-culture was possible. Because this is one dark comedy that definitely knew its niche and felt no need to pull its punches.

The Art of Self Defense uses dark whimsy, and deadpan humor to explore the underbelly often associated with fraternity.  The really funny part is, it only feels extreme if you haven't been paying attention to the real world. We had thoughts. 


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