Spider-Man: No Way Home Review – Of Course It’s Great


Come on. You already know you're going to see this film. There's no point in wasting time writing a long ass review for something that you are going to see. We could say this movie was trash (it's not) and you would still go to see it. It's going to be the biggest movie to come out since COVID and for good reason. Sony's best decision ever was letting Marvel Studios hold the reins and take control. The result is not only the best live-action Spider-Man trilogy but the best trilogy in the MCU. If for some reason you're looking to reviews to determine if you want to see this film then the answer is this film isn't for you (at all). 

There's plenty of reasons to love this film. The first is the way that it reminds us that no matter what big things Peter Parker is dealing with, he's still just a kid that wants to hang with his friends and do right. It's what makes Peter so special. By focusing on that, this film can also tell a big story that's both small in how it focuses on the core of Peter Parker but large in how the effects will spread through the MCU. 

Our audio review is 100% spoiler-free. You can listen to Kriss & Ro talk about all the non-spoiler reasons this movie is great. Our spoiler review will be coming over the weekend for premium members and include Dpalm joining us to talk. You won't want to miss that.


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