Sony’s Venom Teaser Trailer Drops and it’s Underwhelming at Best


We told you.

No seriously, go to the end of our last review for The Flash when we were discussing trailers. We told you that this Venom trailer would be underwhelming at best.

Look, let's call this what it is: A desperate attempt by Sony to try to prove they can make Spider-Man related comic book movies 1. Without the MCU and 2. Without Spider-Man. This was always a bad idea and was always doomed to fail.

To make it worse, it looks like they're doing an origin story, but with no Spider-Man which is just, even worse.

This is going to end poorly. To me, Venom, while popular and looks cool, when it comes to being a good Spider-Man villain, he's not even Top 10. He's basically the Punisher at this point, an anti-hero. And that's not touching all the Agent Venom stuff. This was just not a good idea.



Charles (Kriss)

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