Character Corner: Sons of Batman – Tim Drake & Damian Wayne


We wrap up our discussion about the Robins with Tim Drake and Damian Wayne (with a slight detour to discuss Stephanie Brown). We've covered Tim, Stephanie before in their own Character Corners and touched on Damian's origin in Batman Part 3.  So in this episode we're going to do less of a complete deep dive and more of a conversation about each and where they are now. 

If Dick Grayson and Jason Todd are the “wayward sons”, then Tim and Damian are the sons raised right by Bruce. Obviously Tim is more closely like Dick. He’s the Robin that represents one of the key elements of Batman. Grayson is the acrobat, the clear heir, the one version of Bruce that had someone to catch him and guide him through his anger. Tim is the Detective. He had his own father and family and sees the entire chess board. If you think about it, Grayson and Drake represent elements of Batman without the baggage.

Jason Todd and Damian represent the anger and rage of Bruce Wayne. Jason is the rage and insecurities that Bruce has. Damian, is the Bruce that is constantly seeking the approval of his father. In a way Damian represents Jason Todd's story arc (post-crisis) more fleshed out. Damian is getting the full arc as Robin that Jason never got.

So sit back and get comfortable and listen as we go through the rest of the Robins. Share with your friends and leave us some feedback

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