‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Review – Kathleen Kennedy Clearly Knows What She’s Doing


Salty dude bros would have you believe that Kathleen Kennedy, who has overseen over three movies for over $4.5 billion dollars is somehow on her way out the door of LucasFilm and is a "failure". 

Salty Dude bros are idiots.

Kathleen Kennedy knows what she's doing and Solo: A Star Wars Story is further proof of that. This movie is funny, different from the other Star Wars films yet familiar at the same time. The worry some folks had about this film turns out to be nothing as it's very well put together and enjoyable to watch. And there's a big surprise at one point in this movie that's going to really open up the possibility for more films and what can be done with the Star Wars film universe as a whole. 



Charles (Kriss)

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