Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4 to Episode 8 Review: Game. Set. Match.


Every time we review an episode in season 2 of Snowpiercer, we end up saying the same thing: Layton is out of his depth here. And episodes 4 through 8 really hammer that home. Mr. Wilford executes his long game and literally takes Snowpiercer away  from Layton so easily. Now it would  be easy to get frustrated with this show for how Layton is being portrayed here but we actually like it. It's more realistic. When you look at the timeline of how things have transpired, we're looking at a few months. Layton was never equipped to be a leader of a society like Snowpiercer. He's still stuck in survival mode (understandably) from his time in the tail. He also suffering from the affliction that infects most men: The inability to listen to the women around him. Or more specifically, the right women. He has no problem listening to Zarah, but still is keeping Ruth out of the loop. And Ruth is really make us warm up to her. If Layton had listened to Melanie before she left, perhaps Layton wouldn't find himself in the situation he does at the end. 

Episode 6 also works very well to give us flashbacks on the lead up to Melanie stealing Snowpiercer from Wilford. Also gives a bit more context for why she ended up doing what she did. It also plays well to contrast with Layton and how he messed up. We really look forward to the last 2 episodes to see how all this plays out.


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