SJWs Don’t Read Comics: The Pull List – What Comic Books I Read in March


On last month's Mailbag episode, we ended the show with our new monthly segment, The Pull List. Dpalm and I go through our list of books we've read for that month. I've decided that I'm also going to start doing a video after each Mailbag that goes into not just the new stuff I'm reading but any of the older issues I've been going back and reading. Since I've been told that as a SJW, I "don't read comics", I felt this would be a good way to push back against that.

March's list is actually pretty short for me. I've been catching up on some series and we actually didn't have much to read for our Character Corner. But April is going to be a lot. Let me know what you read in March and what you plan to read in April in the comments.

  • Marvel
    • Thanos
    • Rogue & Gambit
    • Invincible Iron Man
    • The Might Thor
    • Darth Vader
  • DC
    • Batman 
    • Flash
    • Doomsday Clock
    • Older Batman issues (From Ra's Al Ghul's first appearance through A Lonely Place of Dying/Tim Drake's First Appearance)
  • Others
    • Uber Invasion
    • Superb
    • Noble
    • Saga
  • Bought But Haven't Read/Behind On
    • Detective Comics
    • Titans
    • First 4 volumes of Green Arrow
    • Spider-Man
    • Saga
    • X-Men Red
    • X-Men Blue
    • X-Men Gold



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