She-Hulk Attorney at Law Season 1 Episode 8


This show is show great. Seriously. To not love it is unAmerican. It perfectly understands what kind of TV sitcom it is and leans all the way into it. Making the first time Matt and Jen meet each other be in the court room going up against each other was great. Especially since they haven't faced each other in the court room before in the comics. We then get the obligatory superhero fight between the two of them, then the team up and then...the hookup. And for all those who complained that Matt and Jen hooked up...that just tells us that you're not fans of the character. How do you complain about Jen and Matt hooking up when on the Netflix show he slept with at least 3 different women. Come on. 

We get all that and then they set up the finale with the Gala and everything coming crashing down around Jen. What makes it hit so well is that it's the type of thing that could only happen to a woman. Would Matt Murdock ever be doxxed and attacked for sleeping with a bunch of women? No, of course not. If anything it would make him the frontrunner for Male Lawyer of the Year for the following year. We all feel for Jen and why she lost it because she should have. She did s

We can't wait for the finale. It's going to be so good. 

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