September Mailbag: Give Kriss Free


It's the end of September so it's time for another Mailbag episode. Kriss and Dpalm go through listener emails and hot topics. We start with Kriss celebrating the fact that he's finally broken off his abusive relationship with NYCC and will not be covering it this year. Freedom. Finally. We then cover some listener emails and a few small topics (Like the team behind Joker now whining about all the press they got for proudly being edgelord assholes).  

Unfortunately we did record this before the news of Spider-Man returning to the MCU due to a deal between Sony & Marvel Studios/Disney but...we're not surprised. 


Kriss and Dpalm record the Mailbag at the end of every month. If you want to send in your own questions and thoughts, email us: Mailbag@MTRNetwork.Net

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Charles (Kriss)

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    Sofa King 30 October, 2019 at 00:30 Reply

    I’d just like to clarify, for the record, that I’m not actually an Image Stan; I just said that as a preface, because I didn’t want that smoke. I gave up on Spawn after three issues, and Youngblood and Wildcats didn’t even last that long with me. I’m not entirely sure what it was about Dragon that resonated with 18 year-old me, in a way that the other founding Image books didn’t, but I definitely don’t cape for them as a label and crew.

    Dpalm, your point is well taken about Kyle’s run as GL, but I would ask you to keep in mind that, as I noted in my email, I’m in my mid-forties, so I’m a couple years older than you guys: the hot potato that happened with the ring in the 80s has a stronger hold on my memories than any particular portion of the Rayner era.

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